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Useful information about direct cremation, grief, pre-planning and services.

How Direct Cremation Fits Into Different Religions

The world is full of different religions, each with a different view of death and funeral standards. Here’s how direct cremation fits into different religions.

Common Misconceptions About Direct Cremation

Many tend to overlook direct cremation, but that’s because they don’t know enough about the service. Here are some common misconceptions about direct cremation.

Burial Urns: How To Use Them and Common Questions

When choosing burial urns, consider where you intend to inter the remains and the requirements of the burial place. We’ll answer some common questions here.

Pre-Paid Cremation Services: Cost, Process, and Pre-Planning

Save your family the distress and expense of a funeral and burial. Learn about pre-paid cremation services, including cost, process, and pre-planning.

Important Questions To Ask About Direct Cremation

More people now choose cremation over traditional burial. Here are important questions to ask about direct cremation when selecting a provider.

Cremation Planning 101: Choosing a Trusted Provider

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular, but learning what to look for is critical. Explore this guide on cremation planning and choosing a trusted provider.

Affordable Cremation Services: Tips for Finding Them Online

As cremation becomes a more popular option, many are looking for affordable cremation services. Tips for finding them online include checking licensure & more.

Personalizing the Cremation Process for Your Loved One

A cremation service for a loved one can be as individual as you like. Here are ways to personalize the cremation process for your loved one.

Alternatives to Traditional Visitation During Cremation

As more families choose cremation, new styles of mourning and remembrance are taking hold. Here are alternatives to traditional visitation during cremation.

The Chain of Custody in Direct Cremation

Choosing cremation for a departed loved one raises concerns about receiving the correct remains. Consider the chain of custody in direct cremation.

Talking End-of-Life Decisions With Your Parents

Broaching the subject of what to do when life is coming to an end is a delicate thing. These tips for talking end-of-life decisions with your parents may help.

Does Medicare Cover Direct Cremation Costs?

Funerals and burials can be expensive. Medicare does not cover direct cremation costs, but there are alternatives to get financial help with cremation costs.

Planning a Cremation Ceremony: A Step-by-Step Guide

Each grieving family has its own way of saying goodbye. If the choice is cremation, you’ll be planning a cremation ceremony. A step-by-step guide can help.

Unique Ways To Keepsake Your Loved One’s Cremains

A traditional urn is a lovely way to preserve your loved one’s ashes. But these unique ways to keepsake your loved one’s cremains are creative alternatives.

Honoring the Environment: Eco-friendly Cremation Options

Cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to burial. If you’re concerned about honoring the environment, eco-friendly cremation options are available.

Veteran Cremation Costs: What Families Need To Know

Families should learn about veteran cremation costs. Families need to know about the benefits that are available from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Obituary Inspiration for Cremation & Ash-Spreading Funerals

Surviving family members can often feel stymied by the need to write an obituary. Here’s some obituary inspiration for cremation and ash-spreading funerals.

Last-Minute Steps for Setting Up a Direct Cremation

For grief-stricken families, the next steps after a loss can feel like too much to bear. Learn last-minute steps for setting up a direct cremation.

Cremation Basics: Full Service vs. Direct Cremation

Whether a will specifies cremation or the family is deciding, learning the cremation basics will help you choose between a full service or direct cremation.

Scattering Ashes at Sea: What You Need To Know

If done properly, the U.S. allows scattering ashes at sea. What you need to know are the regulations you must follow, and how to make affordable arrangements.