Affordable Direct Cremation in Pennsylvania

Even if you were expecting a loved one’s passing, their sudden absence hurts more than you could have imagined. Taking care of details like paperwork, death certificates, and disposition of your loved one’s remains only adds to the pain.

Let Apyre National Cremation Services® handle all of it for you. Our inexpensive cremation services available in Pennsylvania include all the little details that the bereaved shouldn’t have to worry about, but that state laws and regulations require. Affordable direct cremation in Pennsylvania is just a phone call away.

When you call, you will reach our licensed professional funeral service provider and manager, Peter Chubenko. He will discuss your needs, and immediately send a team to your loved one’s location to transport them for cremation. You’ll have peace of mind that we’ll follow all Pennsylvania’s laws and regulations, and your loved one will be handled with respect and dignity.

From the time you call through completion of our low cost cremation services and preparation of ashes in a vessel of your choice, the entire process can take less than a week. This allows you and your family time to focus on your memories, and to comfort each other, instead of being called away to attend to paperwork and details.

Direct cremation in Pennsylvania means that cremation is performed without formal ceremony. But that doesn’t mean it is done without dignity. Your loved one will be handled with the utmost care. We document every step of the process, so you know that the ashes were prepared in accordance with professional standards and state laws.

We can advise you on how to comply with laws and regulations regarding scattering ashes, or what you need to make it possible to bury ashes in a cemetery. Cremation makes it possible for spouses to be buried together in the same plot, in an environmentally responsible way that conserves land.

Apyre® has years of experience providing Pennsylvania direct cremation services to families just like yours. Although our services are remarkably affordable, we ensure you receive responsive, compassionate, timely, and professional help in your time of grief, from your first call to delivery of your loved one’s ashes.

With our affordable direct cremation services, you don’t have to visit personally to sign the necessary papers. We’ll email you the required forms, and you can sign them electronically and email them back to us.

When you pick up or receive shipment of ashes, you decide whether you will keep them at home, scatter them in a location that was meaningful to your loved one, or bury them in a cemetery you can visit, and where you can bury ashes of spouses or parents and their children together. Whatever your preference, Apyre® can advise you on what’s required to send your Pennsylvania loved one to their final rest. Whether you are anticipating losing a loved one who has a terminal illness, or simply planning ahead, call Apyre® today.