Cremation Service in Reading, PA

Reading, Pennsylvania, is so much more than the inspiration for a Monopoly game railroad. It has become known as a destination for cyclists with its 125 miles of trails and for its historic, 7-story tall pagoda with a commanding view of the city and hills beyond.

Families living in Reading know that the same cycle of life that welcomes a new baby will also eventually have us saying farewell to departed loved ones. Be prepared for the time a terminally ill loved one succumbs or an unexpected loss leaves you reeling by arranging for direct cremation in Reading with Apyre National Cremation Services.

Direct cremation involves the removal and transportation of the departed’s remains with immediate cremation once the required paperwork is complete. There is no embalming, no viewing or wake, and typically no ceremony. As a result, Apyre’s cremation services in Reading are more affordable than elaborate funeral arrangements.

The inexpensive cremation services Apyre provides include supervision by our licensed funeral director, Peter Chubenko. Peter answers each call and works personally with each family in need of cremation services in Reading, PA. He will dispatch a team to collect and transport your loved one and ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed—without you ever having to visit an office.

Documents requiring next-of-kin signatures are emailed for digital signature. Within two or three days, your loved one’s ashes will be delivered to you in the receptacle you choose.

Although Apyre’s cremation services in Reading are inexpensive, they are conducted with the highest level of professionalism. You can rest assured that your loved one will be treated with respect and handled with dignity. We take care of the logistics and the details for the disposition of your loved one’s remains, so you can spend time with family, comforting one another, sharing memories, and planning the kind of sendoff your loved one would want.

Throughout the years, Reading has endured. Let Apyre help your family through their most difficult moments. Whether you decide to scatter or inter the ashes, with Apyre, your energy goes into planning how you’ll remember your loved one, while we take care of the details, logistics, paperwork, and cremation itself. Residents of Reading, PA, depend on Apyre for affordable, uncomplicated cremation services. Call today, and allow us to ease the pain and confusion of coping with a loved one’s death with our direct cremation services in Reading, PA.