Padmini Rao Pingali Photo

Padmini Rao Pingali

Age: 80

Date of Death: June 19, 2022

Chatham, NJ

From the beginning to the end of her life Padmini Devi lived as a queen demanding that all around her be the best version of themselves. When she was small, she picked a specific spotted cow that only she could drink milk from. She had the uncanny ability to make others comply with her wishes. As an adult, she traveled the world, lived in Europe for a time and worked hard to have a beautiful home life with tons of friends and family around her. She spoke animatedly with every person that she came across, from cashiers to CEOs to waiters and waitresses to the hospital workers and aides that helped her along her journey. She was always keenly interested in people’s immigration stories, asking from which country they came and inquiring if they had to send money back home. She asked these questions as she knew how hard it was to struggle to make a better life. She told us repeatedly that she had the best life. She had a small but loving and close family, including her grandchildren Krishna and Karina whom the sun rose and set around. At age 60, she studied to become a yoga instructor, massage therapist and even got a degree in Ayurvedic consultation. We were all so proud of her for doing that. We will miss her creativity, intelligence, confidence, strong sense of self, her hilarious sense of humor, fierce love of her family, her generous spirit and lifelong love of learning. No goal went unaccomplished if she set her mind to it. Because of her pioneering spirit, much of our family has prospered. She has helped many people along her way, always thinking of what she could do to better their situation from providing clothing, to finding a spouse to networking for employment. She bravely operated way out of her comfort zone, always putting the puzzle together to get people connected. We will miss her terribly. She asked that we do not mourn her, but celebrate her life instead.