Direct Cremation Service in Keyport, NJ

Keyport, New Jersey, has experienced decline and revival in the first decades of the 21st century. Following the demise of the town’s oyster industry and the devastation of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Keyport has remade itself as an attractive shore community. As such, it now draws millennial families and residents who prefer walkable access to the shore.

As community restoration thrives, the cycles of life continue. As in any other town, long-time residents and newcomers experience loss—kids go off to college, friends move away, and family members pass away.

Apyre National Cremation Services provide affordable direct cremation in Keyport, New Jersey. Direct cremation refers to the collection and disposition of a deceased person’s body without a formal service or ceremony at the time of cremation. Apyre’s cremation services include supervision by our licensed funeral director, collection and transportation of the body, and all the required paperwork.

We’ll arrange for the delivery of the cremains to the next of kin, who can then opt for a memorial service with interment, an ash-scattering ceremony, or—given Keyport’s waterfront location—a scattering at sea. Apyre has resources on our website to help families prepare for any of these types of final goodbyes.

Cremation in Keyport needn’t be complicated. With a single phone call that will be answered by our licensed funeral director, Peter Chubenko, all the arrangements are handled with compassion, dignity, and grace. We’ll dispatch a team to your loved one’s location to collect their body and transport it to the crematorium. We’ll send you the required paperwork for a digital next of kin signature, and we will deliver the ashes of the deceased within two or three business days.

Direct cremation for Keyport means you never have to travel to an office or the crematorium itself: you can stay with your grieving family to plan the type of memorial or ash-scattering ceremony that’s best for your loved one and those they leave behind.

Affordable cremation doesn’t mean “cheap” cremation. We provide dignified, respectful, and professional cremation services for surviving family members that ensure the proper disposition of a deceased person’s body and careful delivery of the ashes.

When you are grieving the loss of a loved one, whether expected or sudden, Apyre is there to help you through the hardest details. We handle the necessary arrangements for cremation so that you can spend time with the comfort and support of your family, not traveling to and from a funeral home or crematory. If you’re in Keyport, New Jersey, and have suffered a sudden loss or anticipate the passing of a loved one in hospice care, contact Apyre National Cremation Services to discuss affordable direct cremation options.